15 March, 2007

17th Sussex Beer Festival

It was the fourth year I attended the Sussex Beer Festival held in Hove Town Hall.
As the past years, several friends went there together to proceed our 'special operation' – we would take turn to buy half pint of the beer, bring it back, and to share among us. By this way we could try as many kinds of beer as possible without drinking too much. This year we had six people and, amazingly, our 'special operation' ran so efficiently that we had tried 13 different beers in two hours! It was a record breaker. I think it will never happen again...
This is the main hall. There were over 200 real ales plus 30 ciders (made from apples) and perries (from pears). They came from all over the country but there was a section specialised in Sussex beers.
You could read the little handbook of tasting notes first, then decide which beer you'd like to try and go to the bar. The beers were arranged alphabetically according to the name of the brewer. Just ask a staff in the blue shirt and he would pour the beer into your glass. All the drinks were paid by tokens instead of cash. Prices were more or less decided by the amount of alcohol. In general, a normal 4% would cost 10 tokens (=1 pound) for half pint; at least 20 pence cheaper than in pubs.

Above shows how we share the beer (you can see some Taiwanese snacks on the table as well).
In the left is the glass of this year.


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I very much enjoyed having some english language in your beautifully presented blog, thank you. from an admirer

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Thank you admirer. I am glad you enjoyed it. x

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