23 February, 2006



07 February, 2006

Another Trivial Escape

很久以前,曾在這裡放過一則A Trivial Escape,那次是到火車車程四十分鐘的小城Chichester的下午茶店去做事。
今天再度做了一次逃脫,這次是到距離比較近的Marina, 選擇了一家大酒吧West Quay,吃便宜的套餐做午餐,然後認真工作了三個多小時。3.99英鎊有一個牛肉漢堡、薯條以及一品脫的real ale!當然,大白天就一邊喝酒一邊工作並不是什麼良好示範。可是價格實在誘人。工作時也總會口渴嘛!我慢慢啜飲,到電腦關機時,杯中還有剩下一些喔。

[在家吃]關於sea bass的後續報導

之前所述的sea bass,後來採用友人T喜愛的方便做法,特此介紹。


Sea bass的魚身很厚,此法完全保存魚肉的柔軟度(直接烤的話,魚肉多少還是會變緊)。看著一條多汁多肉又肥嫩的sea bass,「大快朵頤」就是下一瞬間最適當的行為描述!


05 February, 2006

Sea bass 海鱸(不是海中男低音)

Sea bass is one of my favourite fish that is not difficult to purchase here in Brighton. This tasty white meat fish reminds me of the subtle sweetness and fine texture that a fish should possess - after four-year's restricting myself to mackerel and salmon (particularly head!) for budget reason.
Actually, not far from Brighton there is a fish market where you can buy tons of fresh caught fish in daily basis. But the traffic is a hassle for some people - like me - who do not have a car. So I would go for the monthly Farmer's Market near my flat instead. It has a small but decent fish stand with various fresh sea food choice. (They even got shark's fin! Hmm... am wondering shall I try it some day...?)
Today, I bought the sea bass from a friendly lady.
"Can I have a sea bass and a mackerel, please?"
"Head off?"
"No, no; just gut."
A Far-East-Asia-fresh-fish-eater would never ask to cut a fish-head off. I thought.
After taking the fish home, I took the gills and cleaned off the scales myself. It's quite a different convention how people sell fish here compared to it is in Taiwan. Even fish fillets in the supermarket here are all with scales. Luckly, I had learned the basic skills of cleaning a fish in a Taiwanese manner since I was twelve. My family used to go river fishing in the weekend and we had to do lots of fish cleaning afterwards. Gut, clean off the scales and gills. Compare to the works for lots of small fish, to deal with a large one is easy and satisfactory, really!
Now the fish stays peacefully in the fridge. The next step would be to think about how to transform the FISH into a delicious DISH...

This Farmer's Market is only one-minute walk away from Hove railway station. It opens from 10am on the first Sunday every month.